Life In The UK Test and what to expect

The Life In The UK Test is based on the questions you would find in Life In The UK book. Furthermore, you will have 24 questions in the test. You have to answer a minimum of 18 questions correctly to pass the test. Some of the question and answer we teach you in the course will be found in the test.


Life In The UK Test

If you are not sure whether or not you will pass the Life In The UK Test, then click on start below to begin the test. In this test, there are 24 questions and a minimum of 18 questions need to be answered correctly in order for you to pass. This test isn't the actual test and you will not receive a certificate for taking this test. You will have to book your real test using the government website.

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4. What Palace was a cast-iron and plate-glass building originally erected in Hyde Park, London, England, to house the Great Exhibition of 1851?

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5. The UK government hasn’t used the power to suspend the Northern Ireland Assembly

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6. Where is the Cenotaph located?

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7. Who was the first Briton to win the Olympic gold medal in the 10,000 meters?

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8. Which charity works to preserve important buildings?

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9. Which of the following is part of the UK?

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10. Where was Robert Burns from?

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11. What created the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland?

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12. What is not a fundamental principle of British life?

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13. Which flag has a white cross on a blue background?

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14. Which of these is a famous classical music event in the UK?

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15. Which Two British film actors have recently won Oscars?

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16. What did the Chartists campaign for?

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17. When did the first Christian communities appear in Britain?

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18. When is St David’s day?

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19. Which of these UK landmarks is in Wales?

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20. Who built the Tower of London?

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21. Which TWO are British Overseas territories?

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22. What is the capital of England?

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23. Roast beef is a traditional food of which country?

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24. When is Christmas Eve?

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3. Who is Queen Elizabeth II married to?

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2. Who appoints “Life peers”?

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1. Which flower is associated with England?

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